If you want your lawn in Pennsylvania to reach its full potential, you should add top dressing to your lawn care regimen. This lawn care service involves spreading a layer of topsoil and compost across your lawn that is rich in nutrients and organic matter to improve the quality of your soil. Top dressing provides several health benefits for your lawn; it increases organic matter and introduces microbes to the soil to promote robust grass with strong, deep roots. This service also helps suppress weeds, improve moisture retention, and smooth out your lawn's surface! To yield the best results, it's best to schedule this service in the fall directly after your lawn has been aerated.

What is top dressing?

Lawn top dressed with soil in Doylestown, PA.

Top dressing is a lawn care service that involves spreading a thin layer of nutrient-packed compost across the surface of your lawn. Top dressing is usually made of compost and topsoil that contain nutrients and organic matter that can improve the quality of your soil and enhance your lawn's overall health and vigor. You only need to spread a thin layer of top dressing on your lawn because if the layer is too thick it can smother your grass. Top dressing can be applied manually using shovels, but some lawn care companies use a special machine to evenly spread the compost on your turf.

Benefits of Top Dressing

If you want to take the health and appearance of your lawn to the next level, top dressing is just the thing you need. Top dressing increases organic matter in the soil, which consequently helps increase the nutrients in the soil that boost your lawn's health. With more nutrients in the soil, your grass will have all the tools it needs to thrive and develop stronger and deeper roots. Aside from organic matter, top dressing introduces microbes to the soil that help break down thatch. This allows your lawn to breathe better and absorb more nutrients.

Top dressing also helps strengthen your lawn to fight off diseases and other stressors. What's more, this lawn care service can smooth out the surface of your lawn, so there are no lumps on your turf that can affect its visual appeal. Spreading top dressing on your lawn also creates a barrier on the ground that can suppress weed growth!

When is the best time to schedule a top dressing service?

Lawn aerated ready for top soiling in Harleysville, PA.

The best time to schedule a top dressing service is in the fall, right after your lawn has been aerated. Core aeration involves pulling plugs of soils from the ground to relieve soil compaction. When top dressing your lawn, you want the top dressing material to fall into these holes so that the roots of your grass can easily access the nutrients from the material.

After aerating and top dressing your lawn, finish it off by scheduling an overseeding service so you can enjoy a thick, lush lawn that stands out.

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