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Our lawn care and pest control services are available to homes and businesses in Levittown, PA.

We have been serving Levittown, PA since 2004.

Levittown, PA is a suburb of Philadelphia that is home to around 50,000 people. Named 1 of the top 50 Best Places to Live by Money Magazine a few years back, it's clear that Levittown has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. You can enjoy nature by hiking one of the many trails available or you can take it up a notch and take a short drive to the bustling city of Philadelphia.

Our team has proudly served the homes and businesses in Levittown since 2004. Some of our lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, core aeration, and more. Our pest control services include mosquito, flea, tick, and lawn insect treatments.

Our lawn care services will keep your grass healthy, lush, and green.

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  • Fertilization - We offer 3 different lawn care programs, all of which include organic-based fertilizer treatments. The first fertilizer treatment starts in the spring to help your grass emerge from winter dormancy, while the last treatment of the year is in the late fall to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter.
  • Weed Control - Our weed control treatments are an important part of our lawn care programs. We'll protect your lawn against pesky weeds like black medic and dandelions. We also offer nutsedge control.
  • Core Aeration - Core aeration is offered as part of our Deluxe lawn care program. We'll loosen up your soil with our aerator so that the roots of your grass have much better access to essential nutrients.
  • Overseeding - After core aerating your lawn, our team can plant seeds that will fall into the newly created holes in your soil. These new seeds will help fill in the patchy areas on your lawn.
  • Slit Seeding - We use seeds that are naturally insect, disease, and drought-resistant. We also include a starter fertilizer with our slit seeding service.
  • Top Dressing - Top dressing will improve the quality of your soil and result in a more robust lawn.
  • Lime Treatment - Our lime treatment includes seaweed, calcium, and magnesium to give your soil a boost. This will help correct your soil's pH level and enhance nutrient uptake.
  • New Lawn Services - We offer both sod installation and new lawn seeding. Both are great ways to start from scratch with a new lawn.

We offer 3 different lawn care programs: Basic, Best Buy, and Deluxe!

We protect your property against pests like grubs, ticks, and mosquitoes.

  • Lawn Insect Control - Grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and armyworms are some of the common lawn insects that we deal with here in Levittown, PA. Our team can help identify the pest and get rid of it with treatments.
  • Flea Control - Fleas are a nuisance and can follow your pets and family members indoors with them, so it's best to stop them at the source. Our flea program includes multiple treatments from April through October to protect your property from these pesky insects.
  • Tick Control - It's important to keep your family, friends, and pets safe from ticks, especially during the summer when they are the most active. Our all-natural treatments begin in April and run through October to make sure that your property is protected throughout the entire season.
  • Mosquito Control - We'll treat your property 6 times throughout the year, starting in May and running through September or October, depending on the weather. We can even do one-off treatments for special events! During the visits, our crew will use a backpack fogger to spray your entire property, including common harborage areas.

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We have been proudly serving the Levittown, PA area since 2004. Our lawn care and pest control services keep the homes and businesses in the area looking great with healthy lawns that are free of pests. If you are in the market for any of the services listed above, please call our team at (215) 723-1034 today to sign up!


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