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Bally, PA Lawn Care & Pest Control Services

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We offer lawn care and pest control services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Bally, PA.

Our team offers lawn fertilization, weed control, core aeration, tick control, flea control, and other services.

Bally, PA, is a borough located in Berks County that has a tightly knit community of a little more than 1,200 people. Nestled along Pennsylvania Route 100 between Macungie and Boyertown, the borough offers a relaxed environment while still being a short drive away from many attractions in nearby cities. This quiet, little community also features a community pool open to everyone, whether you're from Bally or not!

Our team at Green Grass Lawncare, Inc. provides expert lawn care and pest control services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Bally, PA. Our services include lawn fertilization, weed control, core aeration, overseeding, tick control, flea control, and more. If you want the best results for your property, we're the best team to call.

Our Lawn Care Services Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Vibrant

A large home with a red entrance door and a healthy green lawn in a Bally, PA neighborhood.

Our team has been cultivating healthy lawns since 2004. We provide a variety of lawn care services that will allow you to achieve a robust, thriving lawn that will boost the curb appeal of your property in Bally, PA. Learn more about our lawn care services below:

  • Lawn Fertilization: We offer a 6-step lawn fertilization program that runs from spring to fall and utilizes organic-based fertilizer that is packed with essential nutrients to strengthen your grass.
  • Weed Control: Our pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments target pesky, invasive weeds like crabgrass, broadleaf plantain, black medic, and more.
  • Nutsedge Control: We provide post-emergent treatments to eliminate nutsedge from your lawn.
  • Core Aeration: We will core aerate your lawn in the fall to allow the roots of your grass to absorb more nutrients and help prepare it for the winter.
  • Overseeding: We will overseed your grass with top-quality, cool-season grass seeds that thrive here in the Bally area and will make your lawn thicker and more vibrant.
  • Slit Seeding: We'll rejuvenate your lawn's appearance by slit seeding it with fescue grass seeds that are disease- and insect-resistant.
  • Top Dressing: This service involves spreading high-quality organic materials across your lawn to help encourage lush, green grass growth.
  • Lawn Insect Control: We offer effective treatments against invasive, damaging lawn pests like grubs, armyworms, sod webworms, and chinch bugs.

We can help you establish a new lawn with our new lawn seeding service.

We provide pest control treatments that target pests like ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

Close up on a mosquito standing on a leaf by a home in Bally, PA.

If you're tired of dealing with pests on your property in Bally, PA, it's time to call in our experts. We offer reliable pest control treatments that target fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

  • Flea Control: We provide 6 treatments from spring to fall to effectively target fleas when they are most active.
  • Tick Control: Our team will apply our tick control treatments 6 times from April to September or October to provide long-lasting protection from ticks.
  • Mosquito Control: We offer a 6-step mosquito control program that starts in May and runs through either September or October.

Give us a call today to sign up for our lawn care and pest control services.

Here at Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we offer top-of-the-line lawn care and pest control services to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Bally, PA. With 18 years of experience, you can trust that our team is well-equipped with the training and skills to give you excellent results. If you want to help your lawn flourish and eliminate invasive pests from your property, give us a call today at (215) 723-1034 to sign up for any of our lawn care and pest control services.


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