Fertilizing your lawn in Pennsylvania is vital to making sure your grass is strong, green, and healthy. There are several key nutrients in fertilizers that are incredibly important and will help your grass thrive. The two types of fertilizers you can choose from are granular and liquid. Granular fertilizer is composed of little granule pellets that are spread over your lawn and generally release nutrients to your grass over time. Liquid fertilizer, on the other hand, is a fast-acting formula that is sprayed on your turf and gives nutrients to your lawn very quickly. While both fertilizers have their pros and cons, granular fertilizer is the better choice between the two. Keep reading to find out why you should opt for granular fertilizer!

What is granular fertilizer?

A bag of white and tan colored granular fertilizer ready to be used on a property in Blue Bell, PA.

Granular fertilizer is typically a slow-release fertilizer that comes in little pellet-shaped grains. This fertilizer is administered by being spread all across your lawn and then watered shortly afterward to activate it. After receiving water, the granules will break down and begin releasing nutrients into your soil, helping your grass become thicker, stronger, and more vibrant. Most granular fertilizers release gradually and provide your turf with a steady supply of nutrients over time. However, there are also some granular fertilizers that are fast-release and get nutrients to your lawn more quickly.

What is liquid fertilizer?

Our lawn care specialist spraying liquid fertilizer on a lawn in Gilbertsville, PA.

Liquid fertilizer provides a fast way to get nutrients to your grass. It is usually applied across your lawn via a sprayer to thoroughly saturate your lawn. Unlike most granular fertilizers, liquid fertilizer starts working immediately and swiftly moves nutrients to the roots of your grass. Unfortunately, it tends to be a short-lived treatment and will need to be reapplied often to make sure your grass is still getting all the nutrients it needs to thrive throughout the year.

The three key nutrients in most granular and liquid fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

While both liquid and granular fertilizers are useful, granular fertilizer is the better choice.

While both liquid and granular fertilizers have their pros and cons, granular fertilizer is overall the better choice between the two. Because granular fertilizer is usually slow-release, there is less of a chance of it causing fertilizer burn, which is when too much fertilizer is added to the soil and causes the grass to turn yellow, dry out, and potentially wilt or die. Because of how fast liquid fertilizer works, you could end up burning or damaging your lawn.

Liquid fertilizer only gives your lawn nutrients immediately upon application, while granular fertilizer supplies your lawn with nutrients for longer periods of time. As a result, using granular fertilizer in the fall will provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to make it through the entire winter. That way, you mitigate the chances of your lawn having brown patches or other damage when spring rolls around.

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