Weeds are common nuisances that can steal nutrients and resources from your grass in Pennsylvania. There are 5 common weeds here you should be on the lookout for: crabgrass, black medic, spotted spurge, dandelions, and hairy bittercress. Crabgrass is a persistent annual weed with spiky seedheads. It thrives in hot weather and spreads quickly in lawns with poor soil conditions. Black medic is an invasive weed that has distinctive yellow flowers. It grows in shaded areas and invades gardens, lawns, and forests. Spotted spurge is a creeping perennial weed that prefers moist soil and tends to grow in large clumps. Dandelions are recognizable by their bright yellow flowers and long stems. They spread easily through seeds and produce numerous seeds when they bloom. Hairy bittercress is a winter annual weed with small white flowers. It tends to grow in clusters and loves shaded areas. Continue reading this blog to learn more about these weeds.

1. Crabgrass

Crabgrass is an annual weed commonly found in lawns in Pennsylvania. This weed gets its name from its distinctive seedhead that resembles a crab's claw. Its leaves are light green and have wide blades that resemble those of other types of grass. Crabgrass thrives in warm temperatures, so it will tend to sprout during the summer months. This weed spreads rapidly through its seeds, which are able to travel far distances via wind or animal transport. To control crabgrass effectively, you should combine pre-and-post emergent weed control treatments.

2. Black Medic

Black medic is a prolific weed that is often found in lawns and gardens in Pennsylvania. This weed has distinctive yellow flowers and dark green foliage. It tends to thrive in shady areas where it receives adequate moisture. Black medic produces dense mats that smother desirable plants, making it a nuisance to both gardeners and property owners. This weed reproduces through seeds and spreading roots, making it difficult to eradicate. However, through consistent weed control treatments, you can keep this weed at bay!

3. Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge is a creeping weed that is often found in lawns and gardens in Pennsylvania. It tends to grow in moist, shaded areas and can be particularly problematic in poorly maintained lawns. Spotted spurge forms dense patches that crowd out desirable vegetation, making it difficult to manage without professional help. Hand-pulling or spot treatments with herbicides are effective ways to control this weed.

4. Dandelion

Dandelions are distinctive weeds that are often found populating lawns in Pennsylvania. These weeds are recognizable by their bright yellow flowers and long stems. When these flowers bloom, they produce countless seeds that can spread rapidly. Dandelions prefer dry, sunny locations and are adapted to many different soil types. Although they are not typically considered harmful, they can become a nuisance if they start to take over your lawn or garden. Hand-pulling or using a specialized herbicide are two effective methods of controlling dandelions. You can also help prevent them from sprouting in the first place through pre-emergent treatments.

A superstition of dandelions is that if you blow all of the seeds off of the seed heads, a wish will come true!

5. Hairy Bittercress

Hairy bittercress is a winter annual weed that is often found in lawns in Pennsylvania during the colder seasons. This weed has small, white flowers and smooth, round leaves. It tends to form dense patches that interfere with the growth of desirable grasses. Hairy bittercress thrives in moist soil and spreads rapidly through its seeds. Effective control measures include hand-pulling or applying a pre-emergent treatment before this weed starts growing in spring.

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