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Lawn Care & Pest Control Services for Properties in Gilbertsville, PA

We offer our lawn care and pest control services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Gilbertsville, PA.

Gilbertsville, PA, is a city in northwest Montgomery County with a population nearing 6,000. Though small, Gilbertsville provides its residents with a comfortable suburban feel and various parks to take pets and children, including Smith Road Park and Douglass Park. It's also near a popular tourist destination, the Colebrookdale Railroad, where you can enjoy scenic tours through the Secret Valley and delicious meals on the restored train.

At Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we help take residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Gilbertsville, PA, to the next level - with our lawn care and pest control services. Not only will we give your turf everything it needs to thrive, but we'll also eliminate pests from your property!

Our Lawn Care Services Will Help Your Turf Thrive

Green grass blades in a lawn in Gilbertsville, PA.

Your lawn deserves the best, and we'll ensure it's the epitome of health and beauty year-round with our lawn care services. Our fertilization program includes five treatments from spring until fall to provide your turf with all the nutrients it needs to thrive. What's more, this program also includes pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent new weeds from sprouting and eliminate any that have already sprouted.

Core aeration is vital to your turf's health, improving its access to nutrients and essential resources by loosening compacted soil. We also offer our overseeding service with aeration because it provides optimal conditions for the newly planted seeds to germinate and establish successfully. By combining these two services, you'll have a thick, dense lawn full of healthy green grass!

Our slit seeding service is just what you need to help your struggling lawn grow healthy grass again. We'll create slits in the soil, where we'll plant our improved fescue seeds to encourage direct seed-to-soil contact. These seeds are naturally resistant to insects, diseases, and even drought! We also offer our top dressing service to replenish your turf's health, which consists of a 50/50 mix of topsoil and organic compost material; we'll spread this nutrient-rich layer atop your lawn and let it work its magic. If you want to establish a new lawn on your property in Gilbertsville, PA, you can choose between our sod or new lawn seeding services to best suit your preferences.

Our post-emergent nutsedge control treatments will eliminate these fast-growing weeds from your lawn that would otherwise crowd out your grass.

Insects won't stand a chance against our pest control services.

Grubs found in soil in Gilbertsville, PA.

Insects are a pain, but not for us! These creepy crawlers won't stand a chance against our pest control services, including lawn insects. We offer highly effective lawn insect control treatments to tackle grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and armyworms!

Ticks are harmful to you and your furry friends, but our tick control treatments will protect you during their active season - from April until September/October. With six applications throughout this time, we'll ensure no lapse in coverage so you can enjoy the outdoors worry-free. We can also eliminate fleas to keep your pets happy and healthy with our flea control treatments! Mosquitoes are another pest that makes being outside less enjoyable. Fortunately, we offer six mosquito control treatments from May until September/October to repel them from your property.

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At Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we offer our top-quality lawn care and pest control services to homeowners, business owners, and HOA property owners in Gilbertsville, PA. If you want a healthy, beautiful lawn while enjoying a pest-free property, then we're the ones to call! You can reach us at (215) 723-1034 to sign up for any of our services today.


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