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Professional Lawn Care & Landscaping in Souderton, PA

We've been helping to better lawns and landscapes since 2004!

The population of Souderton, PA may be only just breaching 7,100 people, but that doesn't stop this city from being a hidden gem for arts and culture. With multiple art galleries in town and art shows throughout the year, unique talents travel here from all around to learn from other artists and gain inspiration. Souderton is also part of the Miles of Mules project, a community effort whose goal is to locate and catalog 175 displaced mule statues that have been spread across the region!

Our company is proud to provide commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in and around Souderton, PA with our own form of artistry: professional lawn care and landscaping services! Our services include fertilization, weed control, overseeding, mosquito control, and much more. Call our team at (215) 723-1034 today to get a quote for your next service!

Our Lawn Care Services: Fertilization, Overseeding, Weed Control, & More

A patch of yellow dandelions on a lawn in Souderton, PA.

For any lawns that need a fresh slate to start from, we offer new lawn services to get them started off on the right foot! We'll prepare the land by clearing out any lingering weeds or grass that may be in the space. Then, our sod installation will give you an instantly beautiful lawn perfect for that upcoming event. Or, if you prefer, we also offer new lawn seeding to grow your turf from seed!

Existing lawns will thrive when nourished with our thorough lawn care services. We offer a fertilization program that encompasses six steps that span from late spring to fall, nourishing your lawn with a granular, organic-based fertilizer that will help support healthy growth and root development. In this same program, we include weed control to combat crabgrass, broadleaf plantain, black medic, spotted spurge, and other common weeds as well as a lime treatment to balance your soil's pH level.

To help foster lush, healthy growth in your lawn, we offer core aeration in the fall to reduce soil compaction in your lawn. Overseeding is an ideal companion to aeration, taking advantage of the improved soil contact for seeds to result in excellent seed germination to fill out any bare spots in your lawn. We also offer slit seeding which includes a starter fertilizer treatment and top dressing to control thatch and amend the soil.

We offer a specialized program to eliminate nutsedge weed from your lawn.

We can bolster your defenses against lawn insects, mosquitoes, fleas, and more.

No matter what pest challenges come your lawn or property's way, we can help bolster their defenses with our insect control services. We offer preventative grub control as well as lawn insect control treatments to defeat active infestations of grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, armyworms, and more.

Our team can extend pest protection to the rest of your property against mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks! Our mosquito program will involve six thorough applications that will help save you the headache of itchy bites, and we can also perform a one-off treatment to prepare your land for a mosquito-free event. For fleas and ticks, we'll start in April and service your lawn six times throughout the year so they're a problem of the past!

Call our team today to schedule any of our expert lawn care and landscaping services!

At Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we will never settle for anything less than perfect – and neither should you! We hold ourselves to the highest standard so that you can be sure that the services you're receiving are the best in the business. We're so confident that you'll be thrilled with our performance that we back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with anything we've done, we'll re-treat your lawn or landscape at no extra cost to you to make things right. Our services are available in Souderton, PA and nearby cities, so if you're in the area, call our team at (215) 723-1034 today to schedule your next lawn care and landscaping service!


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