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Lawn Care & Pest Control Services in Clayton, PA

We offer lawn fertilization, weed control, core aeration, mosquito control, flea control, and other services.

Clayton, PA, is an unincorporated community in Berks County located between Hereford and Boyertown. It is situated along Pennsylvania Route 100 approximately 30 minutes southwest of Allentown. The community is home to Root Mass Farm, which grows a variety of produce, and is bordered by the Valley Run stream.

Our team at Green Grass Lawncare, Inc. is thrilled to provide our lawn care and pest control services for homes and businesses in Clayton, PA. We strengthen lawns and protect properties from pests through services like lawn fertilization, weed control, core aeration, mosquito control, flea control, and more. We've been providing these services since 2004 and have accrued more than enough skills, training, and experience to give you the best results.

Our Lawn Care Services Help Your Grass Thrive Throughout the Year

A large white brick home with a healthy lawn due to our services in Clayton, PA.

A healthy, thriving lawn can boost the curb appeal of your property in Clayton, PA. Our team can help improve the health of your grass so it can flourish throughout the year with these lawn care services:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Our 6-step lawn fertilization program includes scheduled treatments from spring to fall to ensure your grass has plenty of nutrients to grow healthy and strong.
  • Weed Control: We use pre- and post-emergent treatments to prevent and eliminate pesky weeds. Our treatments target weeds like crabgrass, black medic, spotted surge, and more.
  • Nutsedge Control: Our team will stop nutsedge in its tracks by spraying it with post-emergent treatments!
  • Core Aeration: Our core aeration service will loosen compacted soil, making it easier for water, air, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.
  • Overseeding: Our team will overseed your turf with cool-season grass seeds that thrive in the Clayton, PA, area to make your lawn stronger and thicker.
  • Slit Seeding: This service utilizes high-quality fescue grass seeds that are resistant to diseases and insects to rejuvenate your grass!
  • Top Dressing: We will add a layer of topsoil and compost across your entire lawn to provide more nutrients, helping your turf thrive all year long.
  • Grub Control: Grubs are a big problem in Clayton, but our preventative treatments will keep them from feeding on the roots of your grass so they don't wreak havoc on your lawn!
  • Chinch Bug Control: Our curative treatments can effectively eliminate chinch bug infestations on your lawn!
  • Sod Webworm Control: This service utilizes curative insecticide treatments to eliminate sod webworms from your turf.
  • Armyworm Control: We'll stop armyworms in their tracks using curative treatments that will keep them from causing too much lawn damage.
  • New Lawn Seeding: Our team will help you grow your new lawn from scratch while combating soil erosion with our new lawn seeding service.

Our lawn fertilization treatments are organic based and pet friendly!

We combat fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes with our pest control services.

Our client's dog scratching himself due to fleas in Clayton, PA.

Our team believes you deserve to enjoy your home or business in Clayton, PA, without fear of getting bitten by troublesome pests. That's why we offer the following pest control services to keep your property free of pests:

  • Tick Control: We'll make ticks a non-issue on your property by applying our treatments when ticks are most active in the spring, summer, and fall.
  • Flea Control: Our team administers our flea control treatment every 4 weeks from April to September or October to get rid of the fleas on your property in Clayton.
  • Mosquito Control: We will treat your property 6 times between the spring and fall so you can say goodbye to mosquitoes!

Give us a call today to schedule our lawn care and pest control services.

Here at Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we offer lawn care and pest control services to commercial and residential properties in Clayton, PA. Our company is family owned and operated, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and invests in ongoing education. Give us a call today at (215) 723-1034 to schedule any of our lawn care and pest control services.


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