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Nutsedge weed infestation in a yard in Telford, PA.

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We offer nutsedge control to homes and businesses in Telford, Souderton, Harleysville, PA and nearby areas.

Eliminate existing nutsedge weeds on your property with our post-emergent treatments.

If you notice a bright yellow-green plant on your lawn that looks out of place, you might be looking at nutsedge. This invasive weed is fast-growing and persistent, making it one of the toughest weeds to control. Our team at Green Grass Lawncare, Inc. offers nutsedge control to help homeowners and business owners in Telford, Souderton, Harleysville, Quakertown, Perkasie, and nearby areas in Pennsylvania eliminate this weed from their properties.

We apply post-emergent treatments to kill the existing nutsedge in your property. However, nutsedge is aggressive, and your turf will need multiple applications of our treatments to erase them off the face of your property effectively. Our crew also offers a Basic Program that involves pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments for a well-rounded approach to weed control.

We provide effective post-emergent treatments to get rid of nutsedge.

Nutsedge is fast-growing, invasive weed that is tough to control because of its rigorous underground root system. At Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we take care of nutsedge by spraying it with our post-emergent weed control treatment. This herbicide is designed to stop nutsedge in its tracks, so you can enjoy a yard that is free of this invasive and unsightly weed.

How many applications are needed to control nutsedge?

Professional applying nutsedge control treatment in Souderton, PA.

While we stand by the effectiveness of our nutsedge control in eliminating existing weeds from your lawn, nutsedge is aggressive. It will likely return to your property with only one treatment, given the fact that it can thrive in any kind of soil and regrow in several weeks. Your lawn will need applications every 3 to 4 weeks to get the best results, depending on the severity of the nutsedge problem.

Nutsedge is persistent, but so is our team! We can spray your lawn multiple times throughout the year to ensure that your lawn stays free of this weed. This way, you won't have to worry about this pesky weed bringing down your curb appeal or stealing nutrients from your grass.

Take Advantage of Our Basic Program To Wipe Weeds Out

Applying post-emergent herbicides will go a long way in controlling nutsedge on your lawn, but you can also take a proactive approach by investing in pre-emergent weed control treatments as well. At Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we can help you ensure your grass is at its best with our Basic Program, which includes pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. Know more about these treatments below:

  • Pre-emergent Weed Control: We apply this treatment in early spring when most weeds are just starting to emerge. This pre-emergent application will prevent invasive weeds that are common in Pennsylvania from sprouting their ugly heads in your lawn and competing with your turf for nutrients.
  • Post-emergent Weed Control: This treatment targets existing weeds in your lawn, so they don't crowd out your lawn and leave it weak. Our 6-step Basic Program involves spot-treating weeds in your turf using post-emergent herbicides to wipe the weeds out of your property.

Our Basic Program also includes fertilization treatments, a surface insect treatment, and a lime treatment.

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The nutsedge weeds in your lawn should never be overlooked because they can weaken your turf and detract from your curb appeal. Our team at Green Grass Lawncare, Inc. offers nutsedge control for homes and businesses in Telford, Souderton, Harleysville, Quakertown, Perkasie, PA and nearby areas. Call our pros today at (215) 723-1034 to schedule.


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