Does your lawn in Pennsylvania start browning during the summer months? Because the grasses in our area are cool-season types, such as bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue, heat is stressful for them. They typically go dormant to protect themselves from heat stress, which causes them to turn brown. Fortunately, you can keep your grass green and healthy during the summer by regularly aerating and overseeding it in the fall. Core aeration is the process of pulling "cores" from the soil to loosen compacted soil on your lawn so that the roots of your grass have better access to essential nutrients and resources. Overseeding fills out bare and patchy areas on your lawn with new grass that's more durable and stress tolerant. By taking advantage of these services during the fall, your grass will be able to not only survive but thrive during the hot summer season.

Your cool-season grass struggles during the hot summer.

Lawns in Pennsylvania consist of cool-season grass, which can become stressed during the hot summer. Cool-season grasses do most of their growing in the spring and fall months and thrive best when temperatures are cool. Summer provides unfavorable conditions that cause your grass to go dormant to protect itself from the heat, which causes it to turn brown. To help your lawn stay green during the hot summer months, you'll need to invest in lawn care services such as aeration and overseeding in the fall.

Aeration will help your lawn endure the hot weather.

When the roots of your grass can easily access nutrients and other resources, it can grow strong and healthy. Core aeration is the process of loosening compacted soil by removing "cores" from the soil, giving the roots better access to sunlight, water, and nutrients. Aeration makes it easier for your lawn to absorb essential resources that help it thrive and grow healthy, green grass. Routinely aerating your lawn in the fall will help it survive the hot summer weather because it will have access to the nutrients that it needs to battle heat stress.

Overseeding will supply your lawn with heat-tolerant grass and help it survive the summertime.

Seeds poured over lawn in Lansdale, PA.

Strengthening your lawn's defenses against stressors will help it survive the summertime; overseeding your lawn in the fall will thicken your lawn with durable, resilient grass that tolerates various stressors, such as heat, insects, and diseases. Overseeding with improved seed varieties will fill bare or patchy areas on your lawn with native grasses, which can tolerate extensive heat stress and still grow thick and green. It will also prevent insects from feeding on your grass; if they try to, the modified grass tissue will cause them to either die or get very sick.

Lawn care companies offer overseeding in conjunction with aeration to provide the best results from these services!

Save your lawn from heat stress by signing up for our aeration and overseeding services!

At Green Grass Lawncare, Inc., we've been helping lawns stay green and healthy with our lawn care services since 2004. With extensive knowledge in the lawn care industry, we have perfected our services to provide optimum results. After we core aerate your lawn in the fall, we can overseed it using a grass variety called improved tall fescue, which is heat and stress-tolerant. The holes created from the aeration process provide the seeds with direct seed-to-soil contact, encouraging quick establishment and root development.

You don't have to have a browning, dormant lawn in the summer anymore! We help homeowners, business owners, and HOAs achieve a lush, green lawn in the summer by aerating and overseeding their lawns in the fall. We offer our aeration and overseeding services to property owners in and around Telford, PA, including Souderton, Harleysville, Quakertown, Perkasie, and Doylestown. Give us a call at (215) 723-1034 to sign up today!